The Stacks

New Orleans’ $$$$ Million-Dollar $$$$ Party Band

I'm almost surprised we got an OK recording of this because we argued so much about the number of times each part should happen. I became convinced that God made a mistake giving us more than four fingers.

A little three- or four-chord number that rolls in and out of the set from time to time. Very nice organ by Tom and bass by Trey.

It's not the tightest performance; it's just a recorded rehearsal, and there's one part where the mic turned around so I'm singing into the wrong end of it, but this might be the best guitar performance I ever did. I wish I could play like this every time.

I love this song and I always want to give credit to Kelly Vaughn Kaufmann, my old bandmate, for inspiring it and helping me create it.

Probably our first recording released to the public? This was on a Tulane College Radio WTUL CD they gave to fund drive donors. We don't do this song anymore but it was fun when we did. The compression on the recording is pretty extreme.

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