• Stacks at Gasa Gasa, Friday August 11, 2018

    Andrew Donaldson, David Rhoden, Steve Walkup, Tom Beeman.

    Photo by Gina Phillips.

  • Goods for Services

    Photo by Eli Underwood.

  • The Stacks at Bridge Lounge

    Some kind of party for the New Orleans Film Festival, I think.

  • Stacks at the Circle Bar

    Date unknown, probably pre-Katrina.

  • Stacks at Allways Lounge

    Date unknown.

    Photo by Della Hasselle Menon.

  • Stacks At Siberia, August 30, 2018

    During sound check but it was about this crowded.

    Photo by Noy Souriyavong.

  • Stacks on a rooftop near Tchoupitoulas Street.

    Photo by Eli Underwood.

  • The Stacks at The Big Top

    Photographer unknown.