thanks to the Circle Bar and Alex Abel for a killer night

Posted on September 22, 2018

This turned out to be a great show! We hadn't heard barefooted psycho-shaman Alex Abel before, but he and his Melvins-esque guitar-heavy band were great. The bass player was just grinnin' through the whole show. Though we never could figure out what that rotisserie-lookin' thing he had on stage was. Maybe it warmed up the sound?

Whatever, they ruled, and we played a good show too, even if the hecklers from Gonzalez, Louisiana wouldn't hardly cut us a break. (I'm kidding, those guys were the exact concert-goers we kneel down and pray for.)

The whole thing (of us playing) got recorded and posted to Bandcamp, so feel free to stream or download and next time come heckle us yourselves.

The Stacks: Live at Circle Bar September 14, 2018

Thanks again to Michael Bateman for patiently booking us.

Promotional animation by David Rhoden.