About The Stacks

The Stacks formed in the year 2002. It came out of a band called Sleepy Heads, which broke up around the end of 2001. The Sleepy Heads had some gigs booked, including a New Year's Eve gig at Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge, so the Stacks formed initially just to honor those "contracts".

The name The Stacks refers to "stacks of records", as the band's initial concept was to just play cover songs.


There are several other bands in the U.S. and elsewhere called The Stacks. For a while there was even another band in town called The Stacks. New Orleans also boasts an art bookstore (recently closed) and a grilled cheese restaurant called The Stacks. It's a search-engine nightmare. It's also a crummy name, to tell the melancholy truth. But we had it first.


Andrew Donaldson


As of this writing, Andrew is the most recent addition to the band.

He was in the Athens, GA band Mercyland (whose album "No Feet On The Cowling" was frequently in the tape player of Dave's college-era Oldsmobile). He has also played guitar or bass in many Louisiana-based zydeco bands, despite his New Jersey upbringing.

Tom Beeman


Tom is also the leader of New Orleans' Sunrise::Sunset. He was previously in Guzzard.

Steve Walkup


Steve has been with the Stacks for more shows than anybody but Dave.

Steve is also the drummer for Lorelei and O-Pines, was previously in Picnic, and has been the drummer for M.O.T.O. when they are in town.

His family name was originally spelled "Wauchope".

David Rhoden

Guitar, vocals.

The founder and the only person who has always been in the band, like Mark E. Smith with the Fall.